1.13.0 Released

Electrical Age is Minecraft 1.7.10 compatible. Forge is required.

Power station

Let’s call this the “Power grid” release.

The chief feature added this time is electrical utility poles, which allow you to transfer electricity further and faster than ever before. Although chiefly of use on modded servers with large energy sinks such as Applied Energistics, you may find that they’re handy for getting that suburb look in your base.

To connect two utility poles, right-click them with a stack of high-voltage cable.

They come in two variants: With or without transformers. Only the former can be attached to old-fashioned ground cables.

Utility poles run at a nominal voltage of 12,800 volts, for just over 80kW of power capacity. A second tier of poles will be added, though possibly not during the 1.7.10 cycle. I am now gearing up for the port to 1.10.2, but others are still working on 1.7.10, so this may or may not be the final 1.7.10 release.

Community spotlight

There is an ongoing series of tutorials, to be found on the wiki, and which now includes an embryonic power-pole tutorial.

As always, we will grant wiki editing access to anyone who shows up in gitter or on irc and asks.