Electrical Age can be installed in two flavors. Stable releases are provided for all users which want to install the mod for playing, snapshots for those who want to test the newest features or need a cutting edge version which may fix bugs of the current release.

If you are unsure which download is for you, take the stable release.

Stable Releases

Stable and official versions of the ElectricalAge mod released by the EA team on curseforge.

Download stable releases

Development snapshots

Here you can find the latest development snapshot(s). This versions have not been 100% tested and may contain experimental functionality or unfinished features/items.

Use them on your own risk and make backups of your maps in order to avoid trouble.

For 1.12 development, there are currently no available jars. You will need to go to the following link and compile it yourself.

1.12 Development Repository

For unofficial 1.7.10 development, please visit the following link for jrddunbr’s GitHub releases page.

1.7.10 Unofficial Release Jars